COWBOY MOUTH was written by famed playwright Sam Shepard and rock icon Patti Smith in 1971 at The Chelsea Hotel.  A revival of the play was directed by Shane Howard at The 13th Street Repertory Theatre in New York City on September 12th, 2014 and the production was greeted with much success -- running through December 19th of that year.  Slim was played by James A. Lee, Cavale by Susan Campanaro and Lobsterman by Shane Howard. 

...Insane and sometimes darkly humorous.


It's 1971; the Chelsea Hotel is bursting with artistic life. Patti Smith has a small room she shares with a stuffed black crow, Raymond. It's during this time of her own artistic self-discovery that Patti meets and becomes fixated with a drummer who calls himself Slim Shadow. Patti believes he is the future salvation of rock 'n' roll. The pair connect as they discuss their dreams and eat lobster together. Patti soon learns that this low-profile drummer is really the renowned playwright, Sam Shepard.  They come together artistically as the inevitable end of their relationship draws near; passing the typewriter back and forth across the table.  The result is Cowboy Mouth.  It's their own story blurring the lines of fantasy and reality. On the night of the third performance in April, Sam finally disappears. He returns to his wife, infant son, and his work writing plays while Patti goes on to become the rock 'n' roll legend that she had always wanted for Sam. 

"Cavale has kidnapped Slim off the streets with an old .45. She wants to make him into a rock-and-roll star, but they fall in love..."